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We are also out call fully ready and available..witch means we will come to you!!
 10.00 to 25.00 travel charge may apply depending on distance and travel time.

or also available by appointment at our studio in Salt Lake City University of Utah area.

Limited time promo : 10 pack of 1 hour massages for only 95.00 a piece!
Ten massages may only be use by one individual and must be used with in one years time.
Upgrade to hot stone for $85.00 extra per massage! Hot stone massage is a 80 min massage and takes 25 min prep time prior to massage.

Swedish Massage:

This relaxing massage relives stress and so help reduce illness and risk of disease also helps increase circulation and rejuvenate your body. This massage session will put you in a state of total relaxation by applying long, gliding strokes, gentle kneading, stretching, and pressure point techniques.
50 min massage $120.00

The Benefits of Sports Massage

Regular sports massage can: reduce the chance of injury, through proper stretching and event preparation, and through deep tissue massage; 

Improve range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved power and performance;

shorten recovery time between workouts;

 maximize the supply of nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow;

enhance elimination of metabolic by-products of exercise.

Sports Massage:

There are 3 different modalities ( types) of Sports massage.

1.     Pre event sports massage:

This type massage is great weather you are out there every day or haven’t done much of the chosen activity. This massage will help warm up muscles and reduce potential injury, increasing muscle elasticity, flexibility and increases nutrient and oxygen levels.  Prepares the body to work at its best performance level both mentally and physically. 50 min. $100.00

2.     Maintenance sports massage: Prevents loss of muscle condition. This type is used throughout training and off season training to enhance bounce back performance, and achieve peak performance potential. Helps to maintain muscle tone and condition between activity or active training ..during resting period so the body is better prepared to get back to previous level of condition achieved. 50 min. $120.00

3.     Post event sports massage:

Helps the body recoup and recover from what ever athletic even weather you are a serious athlete or you occasionally enjoy an excursion…  Helps your body make the most of your efforts..by speeding nutrience to muscle tissue and helping to flush out toxins and lactate acid thus reducing soreness and helping you bounce back from what ever activity faster so you can get back out there! Not to mention helping the mind and body wind down from it.  50 min. $120.00

Deep Tissue Massage:
Intense therapy, using firm pressure to relieve trigger points, deep muscle tension, and stress. This massage increases mobility and greatly relieves chronic tension.
50 min $120.00

Injury Massage:
This therapeutic massage assists in relieving pain by stimulating and aids in healing of injuries and focuses on relief of chronic and acute pain by working the muscles in segments with specific, deeper techniques to stimulate individual muscle fibers.
50 min $120.00

A very relaxing foot and/or hand massage, using thumb and pressure point techniques, that reestablishes the body's energy flow. Very grounding. Your hands and feet work hard take care of them back!
50 min $90.00

Hot Rock Massage:

 We come out to you.  Massage therapy brought right to your home!!

This is a heavenly experience. Deeply relaxing... promotes tranquility and relives tired muscles. During this massage Basalt lava rocks are heated and placed along your spine, on your neck, even on hands and feet.  As heat penetrates the muscles, tension is melted away during this detoxifying and nurturing full body massage experience. It is just the thing after a stressful ruff day or on a cold snowy day!!  80 min…. $220.00

                                     Extra time… if available (30 min)…$50.00

25 min set up time prior needed…

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