Massage is a commitment to you and your over all wellness. Its a time set aside just for you to recoup and recover.

Regular massage even goes many steps further! It promotes health and and well being by reducing stress it strengthens your immune system and so aiding it in fighting off disease,enhances your mood and sense of well being , helps tone your muscles increasing elasticity helping prevent injury and helps your body better recover from prior ones by increasing circulation and reducing constrictions and restrictions in the fibers of your prior injuries.

Generally, massage is delivered to improve the flow of blood and lymph (fluid in lymph glands, part of immune system), to reduce muscular tension or flaccidity, to affect the nervous system through stimulation or sedation , and to enhance tissue healing. Therapeutic massage may be recommended for children and adults to deliver benefits such as the following:

  • reducing muscle tension and stiffness
  • relieving muscle spasms
  • increasing joint and limb flexibility and range of motion
  • increasing ease and efficiency of movement
  • relieving points of tension and overall stress; inducing relaxation
  • promoting deeper and easier breathing
  • speeding up the metabolism. Increasing quality of digestion and blood flow speeding nutrient absorption 
  •  increasing blood flow so increasing oxygen levels through out the body.
  • improving blood circulation and movement of lymph
  • relieving tension-related headaches and eyestrain
  • promoting faster healing of soft tissue injuries, such as pulled muscles and sprained ligaments
  • reducing pain and swelling related to injuries and ailments
  •  pain management reducing the need for pain killers holistically working with your body with out damaging side effects of pain medication.
  • reducing the formation of scar tissue following soft tissue injuries
  • enhancing health and nourishment of skin
  • improving posture by changing tension patterns that affect posture
  • reducing emotional or physical stress and reducing anxiety
  • promoting feelings of well-being increasing quality of life
  • increasing awareness of the mind-body connection and improving mental awareness and alertness generally
  • Sleep better.. increasing healing and recovery

    "With up to 70 million Americans suffering from chronic sleep disorders and countless experiencing occasional insomnia, it’s time to find a better solution to getting adequate rest. Massage therapy has been shown to be better for sleep because it helps people relax, relieves pain, and it can also stimulate hormones that are conducive to sleep.

    No matter what the cause of insomnia, massage may be able to help. It’s an all-natural and enjoyable remedy, and it helps the body fall asleep in a variety of ways, including:

    • Pain relief: If the source of insomnia is pain, then this therapy can help relieve the symptoms.

    • Relaxation: Many people find that stress and anxiety are keeping them up at night. A massage is a peaceful and quiet time to forget about troubles and escape from the day-to-day while being pampered. Get one in the evening to allow these feelings to carry over to bedtime.

    • Hormone production: People suffering from insomnia often show a deficiency in serotonin levels. This hormone is referred to as the “happiness hormone,” and it’s also a precursor to melatonin, which is a natural chemical that causes sleepiness. This therapy boosts serotonin levels, and therefore, melatonin production. " quoted from

    • Swedish massage is recommended aid for sleep therapy